Mobile High Volume Tyre & Waste Baler

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Mobile High Volume Tyre & Waste Baler
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Approx. 10 machines are available. Every Baler will be full refurbished, many parts will be replaced and set-up will be customized for the individual material.

Mobile High Volume Tyre Baler and Waste Baler with Wrapper, full reconditioned.

The solution for large waste volume users is the Mobile High Volume Baler. The Waste Press is suitable to bale all kind of waste materials. The baler is characterised by extreme stable, long-live design and easy to use.
Mobile High Volume baling for reduced space, increased efficiency and rational handling.

Functionality The material has to be baled is shredded and separated in type of waste, sizes and sifted in its different fractionations. Afterwards material will be filled in by the shredder or conveyor belt and circulated in bale chamber. By this process material will be compacted even and strong further air will be pressed out. The produced round bale will be wrapped and fixed with a net. After that bundle will be handled to the film wrapper and wrapped with stretch film hermetic and removed with a conveyor belt to the end.

- only possibility store larger volume of waste permission-legally
- economical and environmental friendly storage - valuable material is easy to handle - no aerobic and anaerobic processes
- suitably to set up safe waste dumps
- extreme volume reduction
- clean
- keeps shape
- rainproof - no self inflammable
- hermetical and odour-free
- transportable - no loss of heat value
Suitable for
Baling all kind of waste materials particularly high caloric secondary fuel RAL-GZ 724 and 191212.

Volume of bales is approx. 1.25- 1.5 cbm/Bale. Bale weight and compaction varies in material depends on:
- specific weight of material
- material size - able to bale
- wet or dry
- kind of mixed material

Material / Material mix, Weight kg/Bale Scrap Tyres per piece: 500 - 700kg
Shredded Scrap Tyres: 800 - 900kg
Domestic Waste with organic material: 800 - 1.450kg Domestic Waste without organic material: 600 - 800kg Paper mix: 600 - 1000kg

Commercial Waste: Cardboard, Film: 500 - 600kg Timber shredded: 500 - 650kg Plastic Waste: 400 - 750kg Sludge: 1.400kg Sludge 50%, Domestic Waste 50%: 1.000 - 1.150kg Compost, fine, 0-15 mm, moistness 31%: 1.250 - 1.300kg Organic Waste, moistness 70%: 1.400 - 1.600kg
Bulk Rubbish: 650kg
Corn hackled: 1.050 - 1.150kg Sugar Beets hackled: 1.200 - 1.300kg

Technical Data of Mobile High Volume Baler
Dimension: 40“ Container
Weight: 31t
Bale height: 1180mm
Bale width: 1250mm
Bale weight: 600-1400kg
Bale out-put: up to 35 Bales/h
Power: 65KVA / 125A
Wrap: Stretch film


Beckmann Technik & Service KG

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33034 Brakel, Deutschland

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Distributor und Hersteller von Abfall-Recyclingtechnik, Vertikal- und Horizontal Ballenpressen mit Presskraft von 2-50to. Das Produktsortiment umfasst Karton-, Papierpressen, Altreifenpressen, PET-Pressen, Folienpressen, 660-1100l Müllverdichter, Containerpacker, 60-240l Hausmüllverdicher, Glaszerkleinerer, Dosenpressen, Faßpressen, Sackpressen, sowie Computer- und Monitorpressen / WEEE-Pressen.

Setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung, auch für Ihre Materialien haben wir eine sinnvolle Lösung.

Distributor and Manufacturer of Waste Recycling Equipment. Vertical- and Horizontal Balers with compaction force of 2-50to. The range includes Cardboard-, Paper Baler, Tire Baler, PET Baler, Can Crusher, 660-1100l Bin Packer, WEEE/CRT Baler, Glass Crusher, Drum Crusher, 60-240l Trash Bin Compactor.
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